New Code Spy App is now released! 2016-17

CodeSpy The Pirates Treasure

My latest game soon to be released on Google Play is CodeSpy The Pirates Treasure. It is a Substitution and Anagram puzzle solver game; two games in one! Can you solve all the puzzles and decipher the Pirates Map to find the location of the treasure? Features 91 substitution puzzles and 145,150 anagrams with sizes five letters to nine letters. Hours of code solving fun! Also features pirate music, sounds, and some animation.
The substitution screen has three pages of coded words which are sayings, idioms, or famous quotes. You can choose how it is coded by using the number, alpha, or symbol button. Score is shown by how many erases you have. Also a six letter key word is solved by using the nine letters in upper right hand corner which are scrambled. Some puzzles have no spaces indicating a word break and are more difficult to solve. Image to be released when game is released thanks.
The anagram screen has 5 to 9 letter anagrams and you can solve them or skip word or select a larger word. Buttons will have other options such as a bonus screen (not shown) where you can buy pirate items with the silver you earn to gain more bonus. You start out as a Cabin Boy and get promoted as you solve more anagrams. 145,150 anagrams to keep you busy for hours. Google Play link

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